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Established in 1976 NURSONS is owned and managed by experienced professional engineers, providing services in the fields of fabrication, erection of steel structures, electrical, civil and interior renovation jobs.We also specialize in the manufacture of sheet metal tractors parts and auto parts.

Over the years Nursons have undertaken a variety of projects ourself and through our associates for the government and private sectors. Our highest priority has been our customers satisfaction. Our professional team takes pride in their workmanship and have been always concerned to fulfill the client’s requirements and ensured that delivery times are not jeopardized.

Nursons have successfully completed projects like,


Electrification of Pakistan Railway tracks,
Luggage racks for the passenger coaches.

Defense Production Division

PAF hydraulic Mobile lifts
Pakistan D.G Army procurement pierced steel planks
Bailey Bridge panels


Nursons’s Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Management System (HSSE Management System) has been developed to achieve the goals and objectives of the Company in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. HSSE management system is systematic approach to managing organization structure, policy, rules, regulations and procedures to maintain health and safety performance and reduce or eliminate the risks to achieve target policy. The HSSE Management System has been developed by Safety Coordinator and forms an integral part of the overall working mechanism. Nursons Top Management provides strong and visible leadership and commitment to ensure that this commitment is translated into necessary resources to develop, operate and maintain the HSSE Management System. The company policy and objectives are reflective in day to day working and are an inherent part of the organization.

Health and Safety Statement

All Project employees, Contractors and visitors are essential to this team effort and must be committed to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner. Every employee and Contractor have the responsibility to follow established safety, health and environmental requirements as well as enforcing accident prevention procedures within their function of responsibility. If you should determine that a situation will cause harm to personnel, loss of property or damage to the environment you are authorized and required to stop the work until the safety concerns have been adequately addressed. Should you become aware of any practice, condition, or information that you believe is contrary to these commitments, inform your supervisor. Nursons is committed in providing an injury-free work environment with the ultimate goal of No Accidents, No Harm to People and No Damage to the Environment.

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